The Boss

Transport & Supplies Services

All the essentials.

From a single provider.

With years of experience.


Movie Units

Specially prepared vehicles to be arranged as dressing rooms, costume & makeup, offices, video rooms, etc …

Camera Units

Units designed and conditioned for the specific requirements of transportation and operation of the chamber and DIT units.

Production Units

Units expressly equipped for filming as production support with the option of including office space or sanitized bathrooms.

Production material

Tents, tables, chairs, machinery, lighting, air conditioning, electricity, cleaning, road signs, health and safety equipment, etc …


Ideal to load and unload the material of your production comfortably. We have new facilities. Easy access and loading of your material. From the shelf to the vehicle.


First and only residence for the audiovisual sector in the Canary Islands. Perfect for resting after long days of filming.

Completed services


"Our goal is to adapt to each professional in the sector so that their experience with our vehicles is comfortable, practical and effective."

Yurena Domínguez


The Boss Services was born to offer you an incomparable supply and transport service for any type of filming and events in the Canary Islands. We specialize in expressly prepared vehicules to guarantee the comfort of the necessary spaces that the filming demands of you, as well as their transport.

We offer you a large number of possibilities to design your camp or film set: dressing rooms, make-up and hairdressing, changing rooms, office, bathrooms and other services. In addition to the supplies of production material, makeup, costumes and essential communication.

Everything you need for your shooting with the convenience of doing it from a single supplier with years of experience.

The Boss Transports
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Javier González
Javier González
11:13 12 Nov 20
Proven experience and good work, all professionals of reference in the sector
Haydee Dominguez Bello
Haydee Dominguez Bello
08:44 18 Jul 20
Jose Belisario García-Siliuto Cabrera
Jose Belisario García-Siliuto Cabrera
18:00 17 Jul 20
Excellent treatment and excellent service. Fran is a great professional. They have been providing this service for more years than anyone and it shows.
Vajadeli s l
Vajadeli s l
16:45 17 Jul 20
The best professionals that can be had with the best equipment. A reference in the islands, his productions guarantee his great work.
Jorge Quintero
Jorge Quintero
15:54 17 Jul 20
The best service without a doubt. They know what they do.Experience shows.
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