Camera Units

Our Camera Truck Units are vehicles designed and conditioned for the specific transport and operational requirements of the camera and DIT unit. They consist of two different spaces:

A / A chamber area with shelves and hooks for suitcases, tables and work light, electrical installation with shucko connectors, direct pump air compressor and hydraulic loading and access ramp. The central aisle has enough space for the use of two Magliners trolleys (not included).

B / Area for the DIT station with shelves, retractable tables, electrical installation with shucko connectors and a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply, also called UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). This device allows battery power to be maintained when power fails or an electrical anomaly occurs.

The vehicles have their own 3000 W soundproof generators with a Noise Level of 59 Db; These have both phases distributed between the electrical installation of the Dit area and the Chamber Area.

Designed and conditioned for the requirements of the camera.